Welcome to the Greek Society for Laser Dentistry

Dear colleagues,

the use of Lasers in Dentistry has intensively increased, and we are witnessing a period of great changes in modern clinical praxis.

GSLD ( Greek Society for Laser Dentistry ) is the result of a pioneer group of Greek dentists with academic studies in the field of Laser assisted Dentistry. Its aim is to assist the modern dentist in his struggle to follow and understand the vast field of Lasers in Dentistry. 

GSLD is the official member of WFLD, the World Federation for Laser Dentistry. www.wfldlaser.com ]

In this site you will find information about GSLD’s profile, get information on subjects that involve lasers and participate in our activities. Moreover GSLD is open to patients questions about the clinical applications of Lasers in Dentistry.